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Lilosophies ~ Part Three

PART 3 of the ongoing Lilosophies series:

Part 1

Part 2

“If I’m older, I better be fucking wiser.”

IPhone Camera 017

“When marketing, never overestimate or underestimate your consumer’s intelligence.”


“A person who takes no pride in his or her appearance may as well have no soul.”


“Creativity needs stimuli to further breed.”


“Don’t let anything but TV and magazines make you feel less than superior about yourself.”


“For my fellow perfectionists, our key mantra should be ‘Stop when it’s just enough.'”


“You’re only as good as your latest selfie.”


“Life is too short to curb your tongue.”




Lilosophies ~ Part Two

LIFE IS BUT A CONTINUOUS TRAIN OF LEARNED WISDOM (that’s a Lilosophy). Like “Lilosophies ~ Part One,” this post highlights some of the most quotable thoughts that have crossed my 27-year old mind. The subjects range from Lana Del Rey to sobriety. Yeah, I am wise and I am poetic. Get ready for these truth bombs, lovers:

~ on the music of my beloved Lana Del Rey:


“Lana Del Rey’s music all sounds like it’s set in an empty graveyard of a world… And that’s something Lana Del Rey would say about her own music.”

~ on adult relationships:

Both of us are stone-cold sober here, believe it or not.

“Getting drunk with your significant other every night isn’t a relationship… Marriages don’t happen at night; They are 24/7 marathons.”

~ on being that wolf in sheep’s clothing:


“Talk sweet and walk mean.”

~ on potential career changes:


“I would be the best job recruiter; I’m so good at and love judging people.”

~ on self-imposed sobriety:


“Forcing yourself to find the natural highs in life leads to you being a more productive human being.”

~on positivity:

Two Downward Dogs. Just do it…

“Don’t be a no-er.”

~on the concept of societal privilege:


“We define ourselves by what we lack, not by what we have.”

~ …and on fear [EXPLETIVES AHEAD]:


“You’re not a pussy. FEAR is a pussy!”

Hope this inspired, motivated, and indubitably scared you.


Lilosophies ~ Part One


“Perfection is Perception.”

When LI’L GRIPES first began, I knew it would be a project based off my rather… unique worldviews. All my writing thus far has proven this emphatically. I think I form a lot of witty thoughts on a regular basis (ask my boyfriend ha…ha) and while I can write rambling manifestos on how detestable the concept of a big wedding is (see below), I have discovered it just as effective to be pithy on certain occasions.

Hence, I have distilled some of my more poignant observations on life into succinct blurbs I proudly call LILOSOPHIES. Welcome to Part One:


“Most people in New York City are in long-distance relationships, just factoring in commute time.”


IMG_8564“NYC has too much going on all the time….You could miss the Zombie Apocalypse while shopping a sample sale.”



“Why do people bother snooping through others’ medicine cabinets? I just assume everyone’s taking Prozac and Lipitor and probably Adderall.”



“Weddings are a huge waste of money you can otherwise spend on things likely to last longer than the marriage.”



“Do you ever feel like everybody’s just living the same exact life?”



“In everyone’s life toolkit should be a doctor friend, a lawyer friend, and a cop friend.”