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BEAUTY: The Magic of Full Exposure


THE MAGIC OF FULL EXPOSURE! Smashbox Full Exposure ($52.00) is the essential eyeshadow palette for Everywoman to transition a look from day to night. Two rows of nude shades, one matte and one shiny, cover the spectrum of light to dark. The kit comes with a two-ended brush, one for lining the crease and one end with two sides marked black and white so you never dip a light-eyeshadow brush into the deep end. It seriously can’t get more comprehensive-yet-exquisite than this!


This palette was specially created by the pros at Smashbox Studios after years of working photoshoots on women with all different types of eye shapes and needs. As the above image shows, it comes with a very helpful guide as to how to potentiate the power of the palette to the max based on your particular eye shape… as well as a hefty sample tube of the much-lauded Smashbox 24-Hour Photo Finish Eyeshadow Primer. Perfect for gifting, even if it’s to oneself. LOVE.


 Soft Gold with Gold and Silver Pearl (all over) / Ashy Dark Brown (middle of lid) /  Matte Warm Chocolate Brown (in crease) ~ Guide here

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BEAUTY: What’s on Your Lips?

LIP GLOSS OR LIPSTICK? Ladies, what’s your preference? …And Gentlemen, what do you prefer on the ladies?

I personally believe that there are only two types of women in this world: those who wear lip gloss and those wear lipstick (I myself belong to the latter). It seems an argument old as time–probably because there are benefits and drawbacks to both in equal measure.

The plus side of lipstick?

  • Better coverage
  • Longer-Lasting
  • More defining




The downside?

  • Can’t kiss your guy without making him look like a clown
    • Puh-lease, even the most kiss-proof lipstick can rub off during a makeout sesh, to be quite explicit
  • Ages you (which is not necessarily a problem, depending on your age and the look for which you are going. Lipstick makes you less flirty and more professional).

Lipstick makes you less flirty and more professional.

The plus side of lip-gloss?


  • Non-committal. Even those with color coverage look much more natural than full-on lippy.
  • Flirtier…if that’s your purpose. It’s like part of your face is naturally glowing and sparkling… just for a special someone.


  • Rubs off with one drink from a glass or a coffee mug.
  • Does not change your lip color with one swipe the way any lipstick can.

Choose wisely.


• Urban Decay NAKED Ultra Nourishing Lipgloss // SHOP IT •  Clinique Long Last Soft Matte Lipstick in Petal // SHOP IT •




MAKE IT A NAT SHERMAN HOLIDAY SEASON! While I myself, along with plenty other lady-folk, enjoy the feel and taste of a quality stogie, I have yet to meet even ONE man who turned down a cigar on any occasion.

Therefore, it’s a no-brainer; Bring mirth to the men in your life (including yourself, if it be the case) with this handpicked assortment of Nat Sherman goodies as a package gift:

*Along with the suggestions below, please attend Nat Sherman’s e-shop center to browse and buy at your leisure: Shop Nat Sherman

1. 1930 Glass Ashtray, $45


2. Xikar XV Silver Cutter, $50


3. Nat Sherman Connecticut Shade Candle, $19.95

According to the official site, this particular candle carries the aromatic mixture of “Neroli Zest, Tobacco flower, fresh-cut hay, cinnamon wood, dark honey and smoky vanilla.” Mmmmmm (I have personally owned this one several times over and it lives up to the description and more. Perfect aroma for getting the perfect cigar-smoking ambience down).

4. Timeless 6 Cigar Assortment, $63

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The “Timeless” Collection is gorgeous and delectable. A personal fave.

For a comparable alternative to go with this gift package, go for the Nat Sherman Epoca Assortment ($77.40)


IF A ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE finally dawned upon humanity, I think I would last a month tops, provided I didn’t starve or get eaten first, due to my depression over my severely diminished makeup supply. I swear by the products I use and would recommend them for every other woman out there.

Shop my stash for the holidays: LINKS TO ALL THE PRODUCTS BELOW



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FACELIFT: Brand-New Attitude

We have a new “ABOUT LI’L GRIPES”

and this…


beauty and culture in the highbrow and lowbrow™



1. Pretty things can also be powerful things.

2. Fine relics of culture can manifest as naturally in the form of “Avengers” movies as in that of Sylvia Plath poetry.

3. Making sense is overrated. Being random and informal is liberating as sh!t.


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BEAUTY: Vincent Longo Pearlessence Lip & Cheek Gel Stain

LADIES, THROW AWAY ALLLLL YOUR LIP GLOSSES/LIPSTICKS. Okay, maybe a momentary overreaction to finding a great product… Check out Vincent Longo’s Pearlessence Lip & Cheek Gel Stain:

Vincent Longo Pearlessence Lip & Cheek Gel Stain
in “Fresh Water Rose”
in “Bellini Love”

AND GENTLEMEN, you are welcome for stain-free smooches from the ladies in your life.

This lip & cheek gel stain has the shine of lip gloss, the complete coverage of lipstick, and the long-lasting tack of liquid lipstick, without the drying-out-of-your-lips part. Plus, it works similar magic whence applied to your cheeks.


Seriously, this sh** stays ON. It lasted me through a STEAK & STIR-FRIED MUSHROOMS meal. (Did I really just capitalize “stir-fried mushrooms?” Yes, I did!) At around 20 bucks, it is one of the best beauty investments I have discovered in my many years of sampling cosmetic shelves and beauty counters from here to Middle Earth. One swipe lasts a whole day, hence a single tube should last months even if also used for cheek application.

My color of choice: “Water Lily”



Oh, and… It tastes yummy, a secret requirement all women ask of their lip color.

Available at Nordstrom for $22.50 (free shipping if purchased online)

or Amazon.


BEAUTY: Erno Laszlo Sea Mud Deep Cleansing Bar

SEA MUD AND CHARCOAL are two of Nature’s original deep-cleansing agents, so it’s no surprise beauty brands have been crafting their own sea mud/charcoal cleansers, be it Biore’s Self Heating One Minute Mask or one of our favorites, Erno Laszlo’s Sea Mud Deep Cleansing Bar. 

Two celebrity endorsers include designer Tory Burch and socialite/entrepreneur Kourtney Kardashian:

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You can buy this buzz-worthy Sea Mud Soap bar here: