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FILM: Why the Future of Girl Power Depends on “Wonder Woman” + Sexy New GIFs has one message for the DCEU:

Wonder Woman better be as specta-f–king-cular as the trailers make it look… or else.


Warner Bros. Pictures released the “Official Origins Trailer” for Wonder Woman… and it looks epic, heartbreaking and quirkily humorous all in one gorgeously shot and edited package. We fall in love with star Gal Gadot more and more with each new frame:

Here are some exclusive highlights from the brand-new trailer:

Twee Diana (see Wonder Woman’s origins here) sees her future sword, “The Godkiller” (it can kill gods) for the very first time:


Her mom, Queen Hippolyta (Connie Nielsen), tells her “not you.” Bitch, please:


So little Diana becomes a young woman (relatively…she’s 500ish years old in WWI when this movie was set) and her aunt, General Antiope (Robin Wright), trains her to fight HAM:



Diana discovers a unique perk to her fashion accessories:




(So, do all the Amazons on Themyscira possess Wonder Woman’s famous Gauntlets of Submission, like in the comics?)

Even more famous than her bracelets is Diana’s Lasso of Truth, which is seen being used here to its greatest visual potential:


That is, of course, after Diana watches London pilot Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) crash upon the shores of her isolated island and decides to join his global fight against the German plot (possibly being engineered from the shadows by Wonder Woman’s archvillain, Ares, the God of War) to use a weaponized gas that can penetrate enemy gas masks.

Wait, we’re getting ahead of ourselves… Here is what we pieced together from the trailer in more GIFs:

Diana Watches Steve Crash.gif
Slaying that mermaid braid, Diana!

A breathtaking shot showcases Diana’s superhuman capabilities as she swiftly dives in to save Steve:

Diana Dives in easily to save STeve.gif

The inciting incident of the film:

Germans land chasing Steve after he discovers something.gif

Several German-marked boats land on the beach of Themyscira and soon after that, a full-on battle ensues between the Amazons and these Jerrys:

General Antiope rides.gif
General Antiope and co. ride

We see Diana’s reaction to bullets for the first time in her 500 years of life:

diana shocked at bullet


The shock of seeing one of her own fall by a foreign weapon probably propels Diana to take up arms (literally) and follow Trevor back to London:


In London, Diana is forced to wear a 1900s petticoat… and girl ain’t having it:

“How is a woman supposed to fight in this?”

Diana smells the fake flower on her hat, reminding us why Gal Gadot was the perfect choice to lend gravitas to this larger-than-life character:

Diana Petticoat Smells Fake FLower.gif

How CUTE is Gal??

Meanwhile, people keep trying to kill poor Steve:

protecting Steve from gun

This scene, as brilliantly pointed out by Entertainment Weekly writer Anthony Breznican, serves as a direct homage to Christopher Reeves’ Superman blocking a bullet from Lois Lane whilst incognito as Clark Kent, with Gal Gadot even donning Clark-esque glasses in this scene:

This leads us to speculate that Steve Trevor is more than just a military pilot. He clearly discovered a secret, intentionally or not, that the Germans did not want him to… like a gas that can pierce gas masks:

A gas that can pierce gas masks.gif

Which brings us to the identities of the film’s two possible archvillains, Ares and Circe:

This masked woman is rumored to be Circe, a classic Wonder Woman villain. She appears to be in collusion with Danny Huston’s character, a German officer who is most likely Ares in disguise.

(Why? Well, we see him manage to hold his own versus Wonder Woman in hand-to-hand combat later, for one):gs10zau3s5axphxo8mzm.pngNEWCercesBOMB.gif

I see London; I see France; I see Wondie’s underpants (or not? Is there the female equivalent of a jockstrap underneath her armor?)


Ares’ sword is no match for Wondie’s gauntlets and we see him gasp later in the trailer, “WHAT are you?”

Well… I’m someone who can throw a horse carriage:

Diana throws horse carriage.gif

A whole bunch of baddie-asskicking shots like Wonder Woman flipping in the middle of flight and busting through a window like it’s a curtain:


Smashes through Window.gif


One of the many, many things we love about Wonder Woman as a superhero is that she’s not bulletproof but due to her agility as a warrior, her gauntlets/shield are sufficient for her to deflect any projectile aimed her way:

Protecting Steve from Gun PART 2.gif


Overall, this trailer has us so psyched with scenes like the above that we are almost worried:

What Has Us Worried…


So much hinges on this: the future of the DCEU franchise (which already has Justice League, The Flash, The Batman, Aquaman in its lineup), the future of the Wonder Woman franchise, the future of female-led superhero franchises, Gal Gadot’s career, etc. etc. etc. Heck, the future of the concept of “girl power” could hinge on it.

1. DCEU’s track record so far sucks, sucks, sucks.

Please let Wonder Woman be the film that rights this ship. In the name of all that is good, we pray this is true.


2. Please Don’t Be Femi-Nazi or Preachy.

Can we please have a female-empowering movie that doesn’t simultaneously weaken the men in it just so women can shine? Yes, this is Diana’s/Wonder Woman’s story so it is fair that the male lead is a mere sidekick as well as her love interest, but he doesn’t need to be rendered an object of ridicule for Diana to seem strong. If this were the case, it would only undermine the value of Wonder Woman’s own strength.

When a man is weakened so a woman can be strong, EVERYONE loses.

Why can’t men and women be equally fortified in a movie for once?

Steve is Diana's sidekick.gif

3. Please, Zack Snyder, stay far away from this.

We have already seen a great deal of slow-mo action shots in the trailers, especially highlighting Diana’s super-abilities with handling bullets, her lasso and her power of flight. We hope there isn’t the typical Snyder-esque overuse of this, to the point where the film’s excitement almost hinges on it. Let the film breathe and let Gadot do her thing.

Diana sheds her coat to reveal sexy back of costume.gif


My On-Air Appearance Talking “Logan” and other top stories #ICYMI


I return to air tonight on, probably in a bathrobe, to re-gush over Logan and its trifecta of Oscar-worthy performances in Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine, Dafne Keen’s X-23, and Sir Patrick Stewart’s Professor X. First things first, though, let’s summarize for ya our favorite piece of casting news this week: smoldering actress Serinda Swan (Graceland, Smallville) getting tapped as Medusa in the upcoming Marvel network TV series, Inhumans.


Who is Medusa? What is an Inhuman? Why is this actress perfect for the role? Read all about it on our list of the coolest weapons superheroines possess (in Medusa’s case, she has…super-hair. It’s actually quite sexy).

(For more on the Inhumans show itself, debuting in IMAX theaters for two weeks in September before premiering on network TV, here is Entertainment Weekly’s Exclusive First Look  on the cast list).

Back to Logan and Our Primetime Chat!

We will be on the Cosmic Geppetto show tonight (airing at a later time) to discuss the vaunted superhero film in-depth, raving about the many finer points of the experience like how X-23 comes in the adorable, unassuming package of an 11-year-old with all the wisdom of a thirty-something seared into her eyes. Or how all three stars deserve Oscar nods next year or we riot. ICYMI: Here is our must-read on the film, giving you a primer on the precocious prodigy who stole hearts all over theaters this last week.


Until We Share the Aired, Edited Version of Our Appearance,

Enjoy Lil’s Prior 2 Appearances on Cosmic Geppetto:

a) We discuss prominent superhero race and gender changes in live-action film and TV roles recently.

Click on image for link:


b) We discuss being a Cumberbitch and, more specifically, Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange in Marvel’s latest triumphant solo venture by the same name.

Click on image for link:


FILM: “Logan” – Who is the New Face Behind X-23?

LIL GRIPES DASH Returns Confident and Celebrating X-23,  Logan (no spoilers!)’s Tween Weapon

LIL GRIPES DASH is back, shedding our wintry writer’s block… and what better way to jumpstart our brand-new confidence, in a brand-new year replete with brand-new looks (see Lil’s Lookbook and Video), than by feting the first superhero event of 2017? Yes, we are talking Marvel/20th Century Fox’s Logan. More specifically, we are talking the li’l wunderkind at the heart of Logan: Wolverine (Hugh Jackman)’s daughter-clone, “X-23″/Laura Kinney, portrayed prodigiously by brand-new face Dafne Keen.


Remember that name. In 10 years, this girl will be wearing the hottest designer dress of 2027 as she accepts her Oscar for Best Actress in a Motion Picture. To be frank, she should also be winning an Academy Award next year for her turn as the conflicted young mutant. An effectively mute character (scroll to bottom for X-23’s backstory), Laura’s personality is expressed through facial expressions and guttural noises for much of the film. What could have been a forgettable mini she-bot was imprinted on the big screen with feral doe-eyes and a simultaneously tender temperament.


When Keen does speak as Laura, she does so in English and Spanish, with lilts both sad and humorous in both languages. Not to mention, it is simply delightful to watch a 4’2″ girl do literal spins and acrobatic circles around baddies ten-fold her size while skewering them with metallic claws.


So… Who is this talented little woman of mystery?

1. Ella habla español: Dafne Keen, née Daphne Keen Fernández in Spain to Will Keen, a British actor, and María Fernández Ache, a Spanish actress/theater director, turns 12 this year. Keen split her upbringing between the UK and Madrid, her bilingual nature a huge relief to James Mangold, Logan‘s director, who requested an actress between 11-12 who not only could rattle off both Spanish and English vernacular fluently but also looked of ambiguous Hispanic origin.


2. She was born to tumble: She was a gifted gymnast at just 10 years old, when she sent in her audition tape to U.K. casting director Priscilla John. According to Vanity Fair, John watched the tape, enraptured as she watched this four-foot child scale a tall bookcase in her living room while casually picking up and fingering different objects around her. On her way down to the ground, she gracefully descended into a tumbling run. Needless to say, most of X-23’s violently acrobatic sequences did not require a double.


3. She’s a cute eater: The endearing Pringles scene in the extended trailer? It was indubitably based on another part of Keen’s own audition tape where she chomped down crackers without a word while her eyes darted wildly around her. “She was devouring everything in that room,” John recalls. “She had an innocence and a vulnerability, and I said, ‘People are going to fall in love with her.'”


4. She is a true novice:  If you Google Dafne Keen, there is still very little public info on the rising star. Logan is her big-screen debut and her only other credited work was a role on The Refugees, a short-lived Spanish TV series on which she collaborated with her father (who was also on Netflix’s The Crown).

5. She can hold her own: Based on the audience’s and critics’ reception of X-23, Keen has already accrued a passionate fanbase, good tidings for a potential X-Men franchise mounted on her character. In what is famously Hugh Jackman’s and Sir Patrick Stewart’s last turns as Wolverine and Professor X respectively, Keen still sways the screen every frame in which she appears, her porcelain features either lighting up with animalistic rage or evoking the childlike innocence of a sheltered lab experiment.


Like Wolverine, Laura/X-23 possesses retractable adamantium claws, instantaneous regeneration/healing, and enhanced strength/senses

That brings us to X-23/Laura Kinney’s long story sorta short:

X-23 is Weapon X‘s 23rd (but first successful) attempt at creating a human mutant with Wolverine’s powers. Created in a lab, birthed by a surrogate mother she will never know and raised in a military facility unsuitable for children, 11-year-old Laura and other mutant youngsters only managed to escape their makers with the help of their nurses when the program decided to terminate these “experiments.” Bleak stuff.

On the run with Logan and Professor X in this film, Laura learns the outside world while Logan learns fatherhood (she is created with his DNA, after all). Armed with two adamantium claws on each hand and one on each foot, as opposed to Wolverine’s three on each hand, she is just similar enough to her violent, volatile yet ultimately virtuous pops to honor his legacy amongst this new generation of mutants.

Isn’t this how all father-daughter time goes?



P.S. My brief spoiler-free Logan review (I wore yellow and black to rep Wolverine’s original costume):




Meryl Streep aside, the 2017 Golden Globes was Textbook 101 in why award shows without live performances shouldn’t be on television at all.


(TL;DR: Being a public figure calls for a modicum of self-awareness, a trait these award shows and their attendees lack in shovels and spades.)

Why do we watch ceremonies like the Golden Globes in the first place? The 3 G’s: The glitz, the glamor, the gossip.

Some of us watch for what’s apparently on-trend in upcoming fashion seasons, some to see what certain celebrities’ new faces look like, and a marginally few even watch to support their favorite works of art or to bemoan which ones got good ol’ snubs:

What don’t we watch for?

Not one of us watches in hopes that Meryl Streep will share her stunning sociopolitical belief that Hollywood actors are in the marginalized segments of society… or that Clint Eastwood will start stumping for Trump in front of a chair (Right-wing or Left, STFU about your politics at entertainment award shows! It’s not a Nobel; thank your mama and get off the stage. Hold a press conference on your own time!). None of us watch, either, for our personal stake in the movies or shows getting showered with gold (quite literally). These televised ceremonies target viewers who have nil to do with the entertainment industry. All in all… we only watch because it’s a guilty pleasure, much like the Real Housewives of [insert city].

These broadcasts, year and year again, repeatedly show a willful ignorance of this fact. Instead, they opt for self-indulgence, not unlike our buddy King Lion here:

Tom Hiddleston, is that you? 

3 Compelling Reasons Why the “Award” Part of Award Shows Need Not Be on TV:

1.  The lack of entertainment on a show celebrating entertainment:

We love Jimmy Fallon, but boy, did he fail Sunday at this whole hosting thing. Keeping with the theme of self-indulgence, Fallon opened with, in lieu of a raunchy, satirical monologue like his predecessors, a cutesy cold open that only those who have seen the film La La Land (which is 2% of Golden Globes viewers) will appreciate. The rest of the night was spent with him doing the intermittent ’80s hip-hop parody… because.

As someone who has watched the Oscars, Grammys, Golden Globes, etc. with glee from a very young age, I have only noticed this pattern in adulthood: The shows that invite cynicism from the viewers (mainly due to boredom) are ones that provide little in the way of comedy and/or live performances.

The Oscars, while still managing to be way too long each year, at least sprinkle musical performances throughout the evening. The Tonys are very much a show in that their theatrical skits encapsulate the magic of what the night was meant to celebrate in the first place. Same can be said for the Grammys; each year, people tune in for their favorite artists’ performances of their latest and greatest, capitalizing on the Grammys’ huge production budget.


Then there are “shows” like the Golden Globes and Emmys, which rely entirely on the talents of the host to eke by, praying for controversial moments that will end up talking points the following week. In the past, Ricky Gervais and the dynamic duo of Tina Fey and Amy Poehler have buoyed the Globes with politically incorrect jokes taking direct aim at Hollywood inhabitants in the room, assuming the point of view of those at home. When we the viewers hear Tina and Amy joke about where Leonardo DiCaprio likes his supermodels or a tipsy Ricky Gervais demand Mel Gibson explain what sugar t*ts are, we feel included in the night. A part of the glamor and self-celebration.

2. The insufferably self-important speeches relevant to no one not in the industry:

Ok, Meryl, try to “empathize” with this:

On a show in which every movie star is decked out like a show pony and liquored up to the nines, someone suddenly taking a moment to preach their political views to the masses is not only being tone-deaf, but appearing to hijack the entire night’s spotlight for themselves.

Besides Meryl Streep, Tom Hiddleston also failed to get this memo (or just ignored it in true lack of self-awareness). Accepting his trophy for his role in AMC’s The Night Manager, Hiddleston also took home the win for Biggest Humblebrag of the Night. He told a long story about how, on a trip to South Sudan, a bunch of Doctors Without Borders had approached him and claimed they binge-watched his miniseries while working to lend help to the war-torn region. Hiddleston declared how moved he was by “the idea that we could provide some relief and entertainment for people who are fixing the world in the places where it is broken.”

Essentially, he patted himself on the back for lending entertainment to the people risking their lives helping the less fortunate in Sudan. Scandal star Joshua Malina summed it best when he tweeted:

“Thank you to Tom Hiddleston and all actors who dare to perform in projects that are shown in some of the most dangerous parts of the world.”

3. The Inevitable Technical Malfunctions:

Not all actors are blessed with the gift of improv, which is fine, except when the Teleprompter fails and they have nothing to read.

Every goddamn year, without fail, the Golden Globes has at least one instance of this. This year, it happened as soon as Jimmy Fallon made his way to the stage. What we, the entertain-ees, are left with, is a steaming pile of blushed cheeks and Fallon hemming and hawing. What is it with Dick Clark Productions and uncoordinated tech? Maybe Mariah Carey is onto something. Maybe DC Productions is not trying to purposely sabotage the poor souls on stage, and ruin the viewing experience for all, but one does wonder: Are they comfortably incompetent because they are passively chasing that “moment” in this age of instant viral social media?

The 3 positives from this year’s Globes?

People who still wanted to entertain… and Me:

Sofia Vergara:

Steve Carrell and Kristen Wiig:

Blake Lively? She’s Been Slacking since Gossip Girl!


We watch the Golden Globes because it’s a guilty pleasure, much like the Real Housewives of [insert city]… Not one of us watches in hopes that Meryl Streep will share her stunning sociopolitical belief that Hollywood actors are in the marginalized segments of society… or that Clint Eastwood will start stumping for Trump.



12 Days of Christmas: ON THE 10th DAY: RACIST CASTING OUTRAGE!


Friendly PSA: Adopt, don’t shop, a dog this holiday season.


Speaking of dogs… Hollywood has gone too far this time.

FIRST, they cast an Akita mix for the Jamie Foxx remake of Annie. Instead of the terrier-looking Sandy that has always been the titular orphan’s dog, Hollywood decided to do some progressive casting:

Annie and Sandy in the original movie and Broadway play:

Annie and Sandy and co. in the 2014 film remake:


An Akita… Typical liberals.

THEN… Emerald City, NBC’s complete reimagining of the classic Wizard of Oz tale (coming in January), decided to throw out the entire rulebook and make Toto, Dorothy’s beloved Cairn Terrier, A GODDAMNED GERMAN SHEPHERD!






FILM: Why Would Sienna Miller be the Perfect Catwoman to Ben Affleck’s #Batman?

To be perfectly honest and modest, I should be the next Catwoman. But back to reality for a hot sec:

Now that the new DC Extended Universe (DCEU) has a well-received Batman in Ben Affleck (Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Suicide Squad) a.k.a…. Batfleck, our Dark Knight needs a kitty Cat(woman). Sienna Miller has expressed her interest in portraying the feline anti-hero. There has been no confirmation or denial about a Catwoman role in the upcoming The Batman solo venture (being written by Affleck himself), but aside from me, Sienna Miller is the no-brainer choice for Selina Kyle:

1. She is one of the most seriously underrated actresses in Hollywood, with her tabloid follies unfortunately eclipsing the due respect her thespian talents deserve: Sienna Miller on Rotten Tomatoes.

Miller in “American Sniper”

After critically acclaimed roles in numerous indies, one supporting villainous role in G.I. Joe: The Rise of the Cobra and a few token turns as the “wife” in Oscar-nominated movies like American Sniper and Foxcatcher, THIS would be the big break she deserves.

2. She can rock the catsuit and the goggles…while kicking a–, as seen in G.I. Joe::



[Sienna Miller is a seriously underrated actress], with her tabloid follies unfortunately eclipsing the due respect her thespian talents deserve.


3. Blonde, brunette, pixie cut, shaggy bobs and long boho waves with bangs… She looks good in literally any hairstyle or hair color the role might throw at her:


  • P.S. Cat eyeliner looks ready-made for her: sienna2.png

4. Miller already has history cooking up steam onscreen as Ben Affleck’s lover in the upcoming Prohibition-era crime drama Live by Night (directed by Affleck)… and since Miller’s voiced interest in working with Affleck again, they probably generated genuine chemistry:


5. She was born to play the cool chick… and who’s the Ultimate Cool Chick if not Catwoman?







Breasts, Superheroes, and the Contrast between Comic Books and Film/TV

FUN FRIDAY READ, Y’ALL: We all know that, in both comics and film and television, sexy female superheroes love to flaunt what they got.


We have just noticed that the comics sometimes take the sexy to new…buoyant heights? 🙂 See what we did? “Buoyant” because boobs. We are 12. Anyways, have fun:



(click on images to enlarge)

1. Scarlet Witch

Marvel Comics

There have been so many creative iterations of the Scarlet Witch costume in the comics, but they all emphasize one…um, two, things 😉


(Elizabeth Olsen: Avengers: Age of Ultron, Captain America: Civil War)


2. Poison Ivy

DC Comics



(Uma Thurman: Batman & Robin)

The cinematic Poison Ivy, given Thurman’s frame as a former fashion model, chose to emphasize Poison’s psychedelically witchy hair rather than her breasts.



3. Elektra

(comics v 2003’s Daredevil movie with Jennifer Garner as Elektra Natchios)

Marvel Comics

How can a ninja have such gravity-defying boobs? It’s not optimal for aerodynamics!


(Jennifer Garner: Elektra (left), Daredevil)


(Élodie Yung: Daredevil)


4. Rogue

Marvel Comics

Are her boobs maybe actually muscles?

2016-12-02 (2).png


(Anna Paquin: X-Men franchise)

5. Black Canary

DC Comics


(Alaina Huffman: Smallville)

(Katie Cassidy: Arrow; The Flash)

We are still waiting for the inimitable Power Girl to be adapted to live-action TV or film:





VIDEO: “PUDDIN…” My Harley Quinn Impressions


I finally watched “Suicide Squad”… and I caught the acting bug… well, to play one character: Harley Quinn a.k.a. Harleen Frances Quinzel (guess the MD suffix no longer is valid). LIL GRIPES DASH

Margot Robbie was, forgive the redundancy, ROBBED of her due screen-time. Harley Quinn is not a stoic supervillain. Harley Quinn chews the scenery. Harley Quinn is the show.

Now, all I need is bleach-blonde hair and some pink and blue lowlights.

AND that “Lucky You” tattoo above her… happy place. 😉




WHO WORE IT BEST? The 3 Best and Worst Movie/TV Superheroine Costumes

*click to enlarge collage images

1. Wonder Woman

BEST: GAL GADOT, Batman v Superman (2016), Wonder Woman (2017)

Even the sad skinny-shamers who feared Gal Gadot would not fulfill the buxom legacy of Lynda Carter given her lithe and lanky frame were blown away by her ferociously sensuous poses in her full WW armor. Diana/Wonder Woman’s specific brand of sexy is defined not by cup size, but by her statuesque frame (√) , angelic facial features befitting those of a princess (√), and jet-black mane of perfectly tussled loose curls (√). Oh, and her supernatural combat skills (√√√). The naysayers shut themselves up once they saw Gadot in action sequences like these:

WORST: ADRIANNE PALICKI, Wonder Woman (2011)

Thank ZEUS this unholy mix of latex and primary colors never made it past a pilot episode. True, it almost exactly resembles recent DC Comics’ artwork of Wonder Woman, but:

A) an armored breastplate and a sword/shield combo slung over WW’s shoulder is better-suited than cheap-looking rubber for a warrior princess (yes, Gadot’s WW costume looks very similar to that Xena’s. So what? They are both female warriors with stories tied deeply to ancient Greek mythology.)

and B) … does Superman run around in red underwear anymore? Answer: not since Dean Cain in 1993. Does Batman’s suit have nipples? Answer: Not since…let’s never bring it up again. How are we supposed to take Wonder Woman, one of the mightiest protagonists in the comics, seriously when her lasso looks like it’s made of tinsel and her corset seems to be a leftover top from someone’s “Slutty Nurse” Halloween costume? And, oh, her boots… They look like ones you would find at Payless upon which someone spray-painted a tarty layer of firetruck red.


“Thank ZEUS this unholy mix of latex and primary colors never made it past a pilot episode.”

Shame on you, the fashion-school dropouts behind Adrianne Palicki’s costume… The character and the actress both deserved better.


2. Catwoman

BEST: ANNE HATHAWAY, The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

By the final film of Chris Nolan’s Batman trilogy, we as moviegoers have learned to trust his creative judgment when it came to the DC-verse. That trust was reinforced stronger than ever by Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman costume. Catwoman’s costume has always been inherently seductive, with the all-black palette and requisitely skintight silhouette. We have seen many iterations of this facet in the comics and on the big and small screens, but Hathaway’s was the first in live-action to not only be sexy but extremely utile.

Her cat ears? They’re actually CONVERTIBLE GOGGLES! Protective glasses for when she’s racing that SICK ride of hers, along with a sensibly windproof leather jumper, utility belt and moto boots:

The Next-Gen bike for Catwoman is also not a random accessory tossed in to accentuate how high this film’s budget sat ($230 million, to be exact). Her new thrill ride enabled Selina Kyle the added bonus of luxuriating in a feline-on-all-fours stance often and very prominently. Hathaway (and her stunt double)’s backside and long legs were thus filmed to subtly play upon the character’s innate catlike qualities… without her having to make hissing noises every five minutes:


Honorable Mentions go to the 3 Catwomen of Batman, the 1960s Adam West small-screen vehicle:

For the time’s limitations, these three looks nailed the sex appeal of Catwoman without committing overkill:


For my Cat-and-Dog ensemble costume this Halloween with my poodle, I was instantly inspired by Julie Newmar (far left). Her ears. Her jumpsuit’s cowl neck. All it took for me to feel like her Catwoman was a pair of black leggings, a sleek Max Azria turtleneck and a homemade cat-ear headband:

WORST: HALLE BERRY, Catwoman (2008)


The photos speak for themselves. Halle Berry’s standalone venture displayed a complete lack of regard for its source material and a general lack of respect for direction as a motion picture. This main flaw was evident down to the catsuit. According to the film’s Oscar-winning costume designer, Catwoman’s wardrobe was intentionally cut down to dramatic shreds to juxtapose the protagonist’s “demure and repressed” past life with her sexually awakened “warrior goddess” existence after her supernatural encounter.

Okay… It doesn’t take a movie connoisseur to realize cinematic symbolism requires more than taking scissors to a character’s shirt and pants. Also, none of what Halle wears in “Catwoman mode” was even foreshadowed beforehand in the movie. Nor does any of it make sense. Sure, it kinda does if you suddenly had the urge to look like a human cat.

Why the shreds on her pants? Why open-toed heels? Why the weird X-belt contraption across her naked belly??? We appreciate artistic license and all, but a superhero’s costume is integral to the origin story and, therefore, must follow some set of logic.

Yes, she gets a random whip to accessorize.


“We appreciate artistic license, but a superhero’s costume is integral to the origin story and, therefore, must follow some set of logic.”


3. Storm

BEST: ALEXANDRA SHIPP, X-Men: Apocalypse (2016)

It is too often the sad truth that we naturally do better on the second try. It is also a sad coincidence that we are bashing poor Halle Berry’s clothes for the second time in a row. Shipp’s Storm costume and hairdo simply embraced the fieriness and regality of the Ororo Munroe character much better than her predecessor’s did. tumblr_o46ro9fu5z1tt6s82o5_540.gif

The X-Men movies, including Apocalypse, never did the Storm character justice, but out of the two live-action adaptations, Shipp’s came closest. Lest we forget, Storm was the daughter of a Kenyan tribal princess. As a member of the X-Men, she was depicting wearing a tiara and a costume with a ruby and lightning bolt motif.

Shipp’s side-swept Mohawk mimics the tiara effect and the silver streaks down the front of her corset resemble lightning bolts. She also rocks the same gauntlets along her bare arms the way Storm did on comic book pages.



WORST: HALLE BERRY, all the other X-Men movies (starting in 2000)

Was Halle Berry auditioning to be the fourth (fifth?) member of Destiny’s Child in these movies? (Remember, it was the early 00’s). With an orange spray-tan and an unflatteringly silvery-white wig with lowlights to (un)match throughout the movies, she seemed less dressed to imitate a potent, regal mutant and more to rejuvenate Berry’s appearance in front of the Britney-crazed teeny-bopper moviegoers running rampant at the time.

Berry’s Storm look only began resembling hers in the comics in X-Men: Days of Future Past (far right)… a.k.a. spoiler… the one in which she dies.

Even compared to her fellow female X-Men in the casts, she always looked like the one pre-packaged most to look like a pop star rather than a superhero:dd5185ece2449e36e324cedea582e1cf.jpg

LIL GRIPES DASH“Was Halle Berry auditioning to be the fourth (fifth?) member of Destiny’s Child in the X-Men movies?”



NEW YORK COMIC CON SPECIAL-Luke Cage, The Flash, The Walking Dead, Doctor Strange, and Iron Fist



Luke Cage Easter Eggs

The Flash Flashpoint Highlights

The Walking Dead Countdown

Doctor Strange turns back time in new TV spot

Iron Fist has a new trailer

…and on and on it goes as New York Comic Con is amidst us. 


WE NEVER KNEW watching TV could be as hectic as attending Fashion Week–come Fall, you’re scrambling from one big event to the next, typing out your notes on each on the in-between cab or train ride. Now that we can stop binge-watching old shows on Netflix (and binge new ones), let’s take a deep breath and unravel a bit of all that’s happened in Geekdom so far:

Sweet Christmas! Up to our eyeballs in shows and henceforth, WERK!

1. Luke Cage (Netflix) Easter Eggs: A Scavenger Hunter’s Basics

“The Incident”

Just like in Daredevil, “the incident” was name-dropped early on and often in this series. It is the important moniker given to the alien attack on New York City led by Loki’s Chitauri army in The Avengers (2012). The ramifications of that event are still clearly reverberating four years later in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

“Sweet Christmas!/Sweet Sister!”

Saying his line on Jessica Jones (Netflix)

Count how many times in this series Luke Cage (Mike Colter) utters these phrases. It is Luke’s catchphrase; it’s his “HULK SMASH.” Created along with some other Blaxploitation superheroes (Shaft, most famously) in the ’70s, this line was meant to be Marvel’s kid-friendly substitute for Luke cursing. Along with his nicknames, Power Man and Mr. Bulletproof, the line brings a smile to our faces whenever old-soul Luke drops it on us.

“I’m not for hire.”


You will repeatedly hear Cage insist that he’s “not for hire” this season. Indubitably,  this is the show’s allusion to the small company founded by Cage and Danny Rand (a.k.a. Iron Fist), Heroes for Hire, Inc. in the comics. Cage and Rand lend protection and investigative services for a fee on a very kosher basis–they never accepted extralegal jobs and the company was licensed by the state of New York.

Nods to his Classic Costume


This is Luke Cage’s original costume. No way it was making it into a 2016 adaptation but look out for the way in which they cleverly managed to still wring out a scene with Luke rocking it. His self-commentary on the outfit is nothing short of hilarity.

Hammer Industries


Remember that really funny and smug jackass in Iron Man 2? He was played by Sam Rockwell and went by the name of Justin Hammer. Oh, and he and his company were Tony Stark’s chief rivals in the weapons industry. With Tony Stark out of the arms manufacturing biz altogether, it looks like Hammer Industries has finally taken the throne. Take a shot every time their name gets dropped or is seen throughout this series.

Seagate Prison


Don’t recognize this sea-engulfed prison? Oh, it’s filled with Iron Man’s MCU foes: Justin Hammer himself is supposedly still incarcerated here and so was actor Trevor Slattery (Ben Kingsley) after the events of Iron Man 3.

“Black Mariah”


Gun-runner Cornell “Cottonmouth” Stokes (Mahershala Ali) yells this in a fit of rage at his cousin, councilwoman Mariah Dillard (Alfre Woodward). She warns him to not call her that: here’s why.

“Night Nurse”


Claire Temple (Rosario Dawson) is one of several Night Nurses in the MCU. Catch the sly reference to this on the show.

Matt Murdock/Daredevil

Does Claire have a lawyer friend? Is he really good? 🙂 She only insists on Luke accepting the help of lawyer-by-day/Daredevil-by-night Matt Murdock, oh, about a dozen times.

Misty Knight’s Arm


Oh, so close! Misty Knight (Simone Missick) is famous for having a robotic arm in the comics. Look out for the show’s approach to this.

Stan Lee Cameo

Find this poster 🙂


Celebrity Cameos

A few totally catch you by surprise yet blend into Luke Cage‘s Harlem seamlessly.

Colleen Wing


Claire wants self-defense lessons from some sensei named Colleen Wing. Who is she and when will we see her next?

2. The Flash (CW): Highlights of the “Flashpoint” episode

Let’s get one thing out of the way: It was way too short. We wanted to spend more time in the Flashpoint universe: We wanted to see more of smug and rich Cisco and way, way more of Wally West a.k.a. Kid Flash getting schooled by Barry Allen a.k.a. The Flash.

2016-10-07 (29).png

In any case, Season 3’s premiere might have been titled “Flashpoint,” but the following episode is titled “Paradox,” meaning… it ain’t over! We are guessing that the ramifications of Flashpoint leave Barry with more trouble than just Iris and Joe not talking.

Now, what we loved about “Flashpoint”:

2016-10-07 (2).png
HEADLINE: “The Rival v Kid Flash” !!!
2016-10-07 (102).png
Barry still has powers. We don’t know how, but we’re just happy he does!
2016-10-07 (6).png
Badass Entrance– First look at Kid Flash. They stuck to the original costume!

On the other hand…

2016-10-07 (7).png
The Rival– his costume is sooooo Halloweeny that we love to hate it!

2016-10-07 (3).png

  • Barry and Iris’ Meet-Cute (Foster siblings/lovebirds/lifelong best friends meeting for the first time in an alternate reality will always melt the coldest of a cynic’s heart)… Well, we’re not sure how chivalrous it is stealing a girl’s purse just to pretend to give it back:
  • “I’ve got to meet a friend for dinner” a.k.a. Barry feeding his archenemy, Reverse Flash, fast food like a hamster in a cage:

2016-10-07 (32).png

  • Aww, what a “It’s a Wonderful Life” moment, indeed. Henry and Nora Allen alive and well in 2016 and ha-ha, his parents want Barry to move out after he went through hell to save both their lives:

2016-10-07 (34).png

  • Ew… Barry had to wash Joe West by himself. Hope he used a loofah!
  • Barry’s memory flashes… A visually resonant side effect of his F-U to Father Time. He’s starting to forget his original life and the memories it contained of Iris and other loved ones:
  • “I got you… Whoops, thought I had you.” Perfect comedic set-up to Barry discovering Kid Flash is none other than his Wally West:
  • “What did you expect, a fortress?” – Wally to Barry after the latter questioned the laxness of his base of operations. A Fortress of Solitude reference?
  • It was soooo nice hearing Wally tell the story of how he became powered. Almost exactly akin to Barry’s, with the addition of an illegal racing car.
  • Star Labs is Ramon Industries in the Flashpoint universe and Cisco Ramon is the richest man in America… with his player hand strong, flying up to work in a helicopter with a honey on his arm:
  • LOL – Cisco goes for an easy lay-up in his own office basketball hoop… and misses:

2016-10-07 (61).png

  • Vibrating hand reference by Cisco:

2016-10-07 (62).png

  • Barry losing some memories of Cisco… Very poignant:
  • “Whoa, it’s like I’m really there.” – Cisco
  • Cisco is a health nut in the Flashpoint timeline 🙂

2016-10-07 (63).png

  • Barry reveals his powers to Iris and Wally West to team up against the Rival:

… and explains the Flashpoint timeline to this new team:

2016-10-07 (79).png

  • Caitlin! There she is!
  • Aww, Barry is trying to glue his old friend-family back together.
  • “We’re something else to each other where you come from, aren’t we?” Give it up to Candice Patton– Her tearful acting was 100% believable:

2016-10-07 (83).png

  • Kid Flash and the Flash, standing side by side:


  • “It’s like he’s a Weather Wizard or something.” – Cisco
  •  Barry forgets… and then remembers that he’s… DRUMROLL… The Flash:
  • “I need you to kill my mother.” Ouch. Barry has to beg Reverse Flash to go back in time and re-kill his mom so they can restore the natural timeline:
  • West-Allen will always exist… in any universe or timeline:

2016-10-07 (110).png

  • Talk about dark humor. How many times has Michelle Harrison have had to act our her/Nora Allen’s death?
  • Everything’s back to normal.. Or not.
  • “Clariss… Wake up.”
  • “Alchemy” written on Edward Clariss’ bathroom mirror:



3. 2-for-1 Countdown to Season 7 The Walking Dead (AMC) Premiere… 3 WEEKS TO GO:

4th Best Episode Of All-Time: Too Far Gone, Season 4 Episode 8

FOUR Reasons We Love It:

1. This episode worked because of the ever-reliable formula of Big Speech followed by Big Booms. Usually in these cases, it’s the hero delivering said speech, but the flip that it was the villain made it all the more refreshing.

2. Rick’s Change of Heart. The first half of Season 4 saw Rick struggle to come back from his costly dictator-like mistakes in Season 3. Rick and right-hand Daryl touchingly restrain Rick’s son, Carl (who had become just as ruthless), from taking a clean shot at the Governor… just so they can parlay in good faith… “I know we all can change. We can still come back. We’re not too far gone,” Rick pleads. Which brings us to…


3. Hershel’s Death – Tragic and tied for the most tear-jerking along with Dale’s, it was a death but so necessary to further the plot at this point. Several of the main characters had contracted a fast-killing flu in earlier episodes and all of them were miraculously not among the dozens who died. It was time for a dose of gravitas to be sourly delivered to our heroes. It was Hershel’s time. His well of wisdom had been imparted in full; Rick understood his message and, in turn, passed it onto the Governor.


4. Hello, Sweet Vengeance. Comics readers or not, we all knew Michonne wasn’t dying this episode. She had still not amply punished the Governor enough for his crimes against her, Andrea, Glenn, Maggie, and etcetera and etcetera. We are so happy that Michonne is the one who shish-kebabs the Governor and leaves him to turn. Also, satisfying as HECK to see each of the Gov’s all-too-eager henchmen (and women) get mauled down trying to attack our heroes’ home, especially Tara’s (let’s be honest) super-bitchy girlfriend when she was nailed dead-center in the forehead by 10-year old Lizzy while trying to kill Tyreese. MUAHAHA.

Bonus MVP points go to Daryl for using a zombie as a shield like a G!




“You walk through those gates, you’re one of us.”

-Rick to the Governor’s army as they ready to attack the prison


3rd Best Episode Of All-Time: A, Season 4 Episode 16

THREE Reasons We Love It:

1. The intertwining imagery of Rick’s return to righteous savagery (he was seconds from watching his son get raped) and his past Zen-ful lessons on the prison farm courtesy of Hershel.



2. The return of Hershel!


3. THROAT RIP! (NSFW GIF HERE) Rick is so hungry in the Zombie Apocalypse apparently that he’ll treat himself to some human esophagus, if he damn well pleases. I can’t decide which was more enjoyable –  the dark humor and satisfaction I derived from the scene or the sheer shock value of it. Of course, on The Walking Dead, there is always more to gore than just gore for gore’s sake. Every decapitated head, every eyehole stab, throat slit… Each moment of violence on this show pounces on the emotional arcs presented that episode. For an episode hinging on Rick Grimes re-earning his Ricktatorship throne, I would say this moment sealed the deal.




“They’re f***ing with the wrong people.”

-Rick’s best motivational speech yet to his group 


4. Doctor Strange (Marvel Studios/Disney)’s New TV Spot Hides Secret Messages

Messages contained in reverse in this new TV spot, along with flashes of images, reveal the exciting probable revelation of another Infinity Stone in the upcoming MCU film. Listen in forward and reverse mode from Doctor Strange himself:

“This is just the beginning”

“Time” repeated by Strange himself in different tonalities…

The Time Stone… A new Infinity Stone enters the MCU arena.

NOVEMBER 4th, Oh, won’t you come

5. Iron Fist (Netflix)… Say hello to our newest crush.

Sorry, Mike Colter, but geek love is a fickle mistress! We still love ya but we just finished Luke Cage and on we are to the next Marvel/Netflix lovechild, Iron Fist! Mike is one of the most handsome men in the world, but we can’t deny how boyishly charming Finn Jones (who plays Danny Rand a.k.a. Iron Fist)’s smile and curly goldilocks is. Oh, and Madame Gao is back.

We even auditioned to be Colleen Wing… but our tape went missing 😦