12 Days of Christmas: ON THE 5th DAY: Top 5 #TheWalkingDead Gifts


It’s Christmas, CORRRAAAAL! Eat the goddamn pudding!


1. The Walking Dead Lucille Bat Matte Gold Pendant


Pretty and fatal… that’s how all women like our jewelry. Nothing screams the two more than a pendant of a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire.

2. The Walking Dead Negan Lucille Crossed Bats Adult T-Shirtwadchat07_grande.jpg

LADIES, wear a choker and a delicate, medium-length chain necklace with this shirt. It’s called murder-chic.

3. The Walking Dead Charm Wrap Gold Bracelet


It’s all in the details. Of all the ShoptheWalkingDead.com products we’ve seen Chris Hardwick hawking on Talking Dead, he’s never highlighted this exquisitely charming (haha) beaut. The perennially trendy juxtaposition of black-and-gold offsets each dangling relic from a plotline on the show: the handcuffs Rick used on poor Merle, black and gold skulls, the wings on Daryl’s iconic vest, and Daryl’s crossbow… Basically, the Dixon brothers make for great accessory fodder.

4. 6 POP! Daryls >>> 1 Real Daryl (not really, though)

Every fangirl knows that, like Pokémon, YOU GOTTA CATCH THEM ALL! Except two are unfortunately sold out for the indefinite future (we’re sure you can find them on EBay and/or Amazon, however).

It is a testament to Daryl Dixon’s/Norman Reedus’ fandom that Funko POP! made 4 more vinyl action figures of him than they did of Rick Grimes… literally one for each season.

Our personal fave… for any Secret Santas out there.


The Dixon brothers make for great accessory fodder.


Click to see each Daryl up close:

5. The Walking Dead Michonne Hand Forged Replica Sword with Wall Mount


For the ultimate bad-ass chick who also happens to love elegant, and deadly, home décor, place this high-carbon steel replica of Michonne’s katana (with an aluminum handle wrapped in leather and real ray skin) on its own wall mount in your living room. Or bedroom, if you’re into that kinda thing.


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