TV: Where Is Each #TheWalkingDead Main Character, Going into Midseason Finale?

After the full-throttle gorily emotional rollercoaster that was the season 7 premiere of The Walking Dead, fans and critics alike have been less than fond so far of this season’s so-called “bottle,” or standalone, episodes that only feature one or two main characters at once. Given the fast-approaching midseason finale this Sunday, the main characters of the show still seem to be on vastly different tracks, both literally and emotionally. Here is our map of where they all currently are:


STATE OF MINDScared but not broken. As of last night’s episode, when our bravest mini-general in the Walker Apocalypse took it upon himself to execute Negan out of retribution for Glenn and Abraham (and *surprise* failed), Carl found himself being psychologically toyed with and partially tortured by the man himself.

Side note about last night’s episode, the Negan/Carl moments were ripped frame for frame from the comics. Here are some panels that found their way almost word-for-word, frame-for-frame into “Sing Me a Song”:

click to enlarge images:

LOCATION: Held hostage along with Judith by Negan at Alexandria


2016-12-05 (5).png

STATE OF MIND: Entertained and fascinated thoroughly by Carl; Feeling awesome; After all, we got to see his wives in his harem finally:

2016-12-05 (3).png


LOCATION: Alexandria, along with Judith and Carl


STATE OF MIND: Good and pissed.

2016-12-05 (6).png

LOCATION: On the road, forcing a Savior at gunpoint to take her to Negan and his home, “The Sanctuary”:

2016-12-05 (14).png

Rick and Aaron:

2016-12-05 (7).png

STATE OF MIND: Desperate but determined

LOCATION: Trying to get to a houseboat surrounded by a moat of walker-floaters owned by one Leslie William Starton in a last-ditch effort for supplies for Negan

Rosita and Eugene:

2016-12-05 (12).png

STATE OF MIND: Defiant about handing their stuff over to Negan

LOCATION: Went to a factory and then back to Alexandria armed with a bullet Eugene just made in secret for Rosita


2016-12-05 (11).png

STATE OF MIND: Spiteful toward Rick

Spencer, Spencer, Spencer… Don’t you know that anyone who opposes the Ricktatorship openly will die horrifically?

LOCATION: At Alexandria with a bunch of food and information he’s about to dish to Negan, in what appears likely to be an attempted coup.

Maggie and Sasha:


STATE OF MIND AND LOCATION: Still in mourning for Glenn and Abe and still at Hilltop, plotting with Sasha specifically waiting for Jesus to return with the Sanctuary’s location


2016-12-05 (10).png

STATE OF MIND: Unflappable and ninja-like as ever

LOCATION: MIA… last seen at the Sanctuary atop Savior truck. Possibly at the Sanctuary or already back reporting the location of Negan’s home base.


2016-12-05 (8).png

STATE OF MIND: Still feeling defeated but even more concerned for his friends now that he’s seen Negan with Carl

LOCATION: Slipped a note in his cell with keys to aid in his escape from the Sanctuary:

 Sunday is gonna pay off for all those so-called “snoozers,” y’all! Hang in there!







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