BEAUTY: The Magic of Full Exposure


THE MAGIC OF FULL EXPOSURE! Smashbox Full Exposure ($52.00) is the essential eyeshadow palette for Everywoman to transition a look from day to night. Two rows of nude shades, one matte and one shiny, cover the spectrum of light to dark. The kit comes with a two-ended brush, one for lining the crease and one end with two sides marked black and white so you never dip a light-eyeshadow brush into the deep end. It seriously can’t get more comprehensive-yet-exquisite than this!


This palette was specially created by the pros at Smashbox Studios after years of working photoshoots on women with all different types of eye shapes and needs. As the above image shows, it comes with a very helpful guide as to how to potentiate the power of the palette to the max based on your particular eye shape… as well as a hefty sample tube of the much-lauded Smashbox 24-Hour Photo Finish Eyeshadow Primer. Perfect for gifting, even if it’s to oneself. LOVE.


 Soft Gold with Gold and Silver Pearl (all over) / Ashy Dark Brown (middle of lid) /  Matte Warm Chocolate Brown (in crease) ~ Guide here

img_73471 (2)

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