TV: If You’re Not Watching These 3 Shows, WHAT ARE YOU DOING? Part 1/3

IF YOU ARE A WATCHER OR STREAMER OF TV, you most likely are aware of the existence of The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, and Scandal. Then there are these little shows like House of Cards, Daredevil, and Orange Is the New Black developed by Netflix and other streaming services themselves. Take it in, people–We are living in an Golden Era of Television and enjoy it–whether these shows exist on an actual TV monitor or not.

Me and my idiot box.


In this era when the best showbiz talent is on display on the small-rather-than-silver screen, there are too many choices for quality programming. It’s like you are buried in a room amongst heaps of gold, not knowing on which to start first. Let us help you begin to solve this conundrum with 3 gems you may not know in quality yet… On Lil’s personal recommendations, here is Show #1:

1. Workaholics, Comedy Central // Thursday, 10PM EST

“Don’t judge a dick joke by its cover.”


Workaholics stands alone amongst half-hour sitcoms in format, character work, and direction. Its premise: three Millennial single dudes- Blake, Adam and Anders (“Ders”)- live in the same house and work as telemarketers in the same cubicle, smoking pot and drinking beer during all off-work hours (and sometimes during)… Typical frat comedy? Nope. As they say, never judge a dick joke by its cover. Why Workaholics is unique in the most entertaining of ways:

1. The loose structure

Each episode begins with some non-sequitur, making this show episodic rather than serial. There is no ongoing story arc–The only constant is the premise: three young degenerates living and working together, never able to successfully get anything accomplished, despite their often-eager attitude.


2. The utter and complete lack of character growth

Perhaps the most special thing about Workaholics is that nothing ever changes. The characters never mature and they never learn from their mistakes. Over SIX seasons, the three never have gotten girlfriends or work promotions/transitions that lasted longer than one episode.


3. Awesomely offbeat references

In addition to occasional jokes about current pop culture icons, including an episode professing the three’s sincere devotion to the Biebs, the show has these three Millennials constantly reference cultural icons outside of the domain of their demo, e.g. Jamie Foxx and Dolph Lundgren.

In one episode, Ders instructs a hired piano player, in a very Ders way, “let’s keep it classy… but also a little nasty, like my main man, Jamie Foxx.” Because, after all, there’s one golden rule to life:


4. The hilarious (not by choice) celibacy of the guys

On a show on which you expect a lot of sex, there is little to none. Ders once had drunken sex with their boss, which lasted less than a minute and was something they never acknowledged on the show ever again.


5. Their FUs to the FCC 

Comedy Central once refused to let Adam show full-frontal nudity, even with his genitals completely tucked and concealed. Their solution?

Shaving Adam’s pubic hair, making it FFC-kosher. Ingenuity itself:


Show #2 coming mañana…It’s a decidedly more wholesome suggestion.


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