BEAUTY: What’s on Your Lips?

LIP GLOSS OR LIPSTICK? Ladies, what’s your preference? …And Gentlemen, what do you prefer on the ladies?

I personally believe that there are only two types of women in this world: those who wear lip gloss and those wear lipstick (I myself belong to the latter). It seems an argument old as time–probably because there are benefits and drawbacks to both in equal measure.

The plus side of lipstick?

  • Better coverage
  • Longer-Lasting
  • More defining




The downside?

  • Can’t kiss your guy without making him look like a clown
    • Puh-lease, even the most kiss-proof lipstick can rub off during a makeout sesh, to be quite explicit
  • Ages you (which is not necessarily a problem, depending on your age and the look for which you are going. Lipstick makes you less flirty and more professional).

Lipstick makes you less flirty and more professional.

The plus side of lip-gloss?


  • Non-committal. Even those with color coverage look much more natural than full-on lippy.
  • Flirtier…if that’s your purpose. It’s like part of your face is naturally glowing and sparkling… just for a special someone.


  • Rubs off with one drink from a glass or a coffee mug.
  • Does not change your lip color with one swipe the way any lipstick can.

Choose wisely.


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