FASHION: REY-diantly Hot and Chic

UPDATE: As of 01/02/2016, I have seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens and it was amaaaaazing.

Read my live recap-rewatch of Attack of the Clones, too.

It Girl of 2016 and so on… We are calling it, Daisy! 

STAR WARS has many legs to its commercial empire, but style is one of the more understated elements. Fashionably speaking, in retrospect, Princess (now General) Leia’s costumes in the original trilogy may have showcased her curves but were hardly news for the pages of Women’s Wear Daily. Aside from the repeatedly copied buns, Leia was more dressing for the men (especially pubescent boys) than the ladies.

Iconic and schoolgirlishly sexy but not style-statement-making:


Rey, however, as played by English newcomer Daisy Ridley in the new movie, is already making fashion waves based on her signature outfit– a futuristic amalgamation of cropped harem pants, a bandaged top and a DVF-esque wrap, all cinched with an edgy leather utility belt. For more accessories, she rocks ankle-length boots and minimalist shoulder-baring sleeves accented by leather wristcuffs.

Even smeared with Jakku’s sand, Rey is dressed sharper than most women of Earth. Ever since I’ve laid eyes on the crisscross dimensions of Rey’s scavenging uniform, I’ve been hungering for a Ready-to-Wear (RTW) version of my own (i.e. NOT a costume, but an actual everyday outfit). Expect to see haute couture and RTW adaptations of it on the runways in Spring 2016:




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