FASHION: White Socks? A Win for Both Sexes

WHAT’S THAT EXPRESSION? “Once you go white, you don’t go around spilling wine and spaghetti on yourself.”

Well, we have stumbled upon an inadvertent trend in WHITE SOCKS when Lillian randomly grabbed a pair one day and wore it with her blue Topshop loafers. The surprising result? It was much more handsomely stunning than if worn with socks by any other color:


Don’t just take our word for it (although our word on style should be enough. Just saying!). Peep these fashion-forward idols who had the same idea:

Gwen Stefani:

Smiley Gwen

Chanel Runway 2014:


Sarah Jessica Parker wore dotted ones with distressed denim and cut-out clogs.

Sarah Jessica Parker Walks James To School

AND GENTLEMEN, WHITE SOCKS are the signature look of the boyish elder statesman of Hollywood, Leonardo DiCaprio:


Leo deliberately wears cropped hems to maximize the white down under.


ONLY Citi Bike with white socks.


img_73471 (2)

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