FASHION: Sneakers Are the New Girly-Chic

THANK YOU, CARA DELEVINGNE. Thank you for proving that oh-so-comfortable-looking sneakers can be chic as hell, as well. Maybe singlehandedly so, in fact.

Cara rocking blue mid-tops with white laces with distressed jeans, casual tee, and a long, tailored fall shawl coat.

As someone who’s always hated wearing high heels, I have limited options for footwear and get bored of my low-heeled booties and ballet flats time to time. Sneakers are sooooo comfortable but even the androgyny look of the 90s did not embrace them. I’m not talking Keds or Toms. I’m talking straight-up running or jogging Nikes, Adidas and Converse All-Stars.

Even the androgyny look of the ’90s did not embrace sneakers. No more.

Ways to cool up an outfit with sneakers, à la Cara:

A Prorsum Coat with Leather leggings and Wedge sneakers
Wanna get chic and comfy in a sec? Oversized black blazer over just a bra and Black skinny jeans with Hi-top sneakers.
Beige cigarette jeans, Canvas sneakers, and a Sleeveless crop top for the summer.


Snapback, Silky white blouse, and Harem pants tucked into Black hi-tops


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