Lilosophies ~ Part Two

LIFE IS BUT A CONTINUOUS TRAIN OF LEARNED WISDOM (that’s a Lilosophy). Like “Lilosophies ~ Part One,” this post highlights some of the most quotable thoughts that have crossed my 27-year old mind. The subjects range from Lana Del Rey to sobriety. Yeah, I am wise and I am poetic. Get ready for these truth bombs, lovers:

~ on the music of my beloved Lana Del Rey:


“Lana Del Rey’s music all sounds like it’s set in an empty graveyard of a world… And that’s something Lana Del Rey would say about her own music.”

~ on adult relationships:

Both of us are stone-cold sober here, believe it or not.

“Getting drunk with your significant other every night isn’t a relationship… Marriages don’t happen at night; They are 24/7 marathons.”

~ on being that wolf in sheep’s clothing:


“Talk sweet and walk mean.”

~ on potential career changes:


“I would be the best job recruiter; I’m so good at and love judging people.”

~ on self-imposed sobriety:


“Forcing yourself to find the natural highs in life leads to you being a more productive human being.”

~on positivity:

Two Downward Dogs. Just do it…

“Don’t be a no-er.”

~on the concept of societal privilege:


“We define ourselves by what we lack, not by what we have.”

~ …and on fear [EXPLETIVES AHEAD]:


“You’re not a pussy. FEAR is a pussy!”

Hope this inspired, motivated, and indubitably scared you.


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