Lilosophies ~ Part One


“Perfection is Perception.”

When LI’L GRIPES first began, I knew it would be a project based off my rather… unique worldviews. All my writing thus far has proven this emphatically. I think I form a lot of witty thoughts on a regular basis (ask my boyfriend ha…ha) and while I can write rambling manifestos on how detestable the concept of a big wedding is (see below), I have discovered it just as effective to be pithy on certain occasions.

Hence, I have distilled some of my more poignant observations on life into succinct blurbs I proudly call LILOSOPHIES. Welcome to Part One:


“Most people in New York City are in long-distance relationships, just factoring in commute time.”


IMG_8564“NYC has too much going on all the time….You could miss the Zombie Apocalypse while shopping a sample sale.”



“Why do people bother snooping through others’ medicine cabinets? I just assume everyone’s taking Prozac and Lipitor and probably Adderall.”



“Weddings are a huge waste of money you can otherwise spend on things likely to last longer than the marriage.”



“Do you ever feel like everybody’s just living the same exact life?”



“In everyone’s life toolkit should be a doctor friend, a lawyer friend, and a cop friend.”



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