My Love Note to My Readers

~ Lillian Gao

Dear my lovers,

I know LI’L GRIPES has been all over the bulletin board as far as blog topics have gone. From fear of cheeseburgers to date-night makeup to my latest rant on Supergirl… I have sampled the whole buffet. (By the way, my sidebar has the RECENT and OLDER POSTS for you to click around to the topic YOU want to read). —————>


I started writing this four years ago in my head. I have always known I was a girl with a diversity of passions. I love comic-book movies; I love well-crafted indie films; I love touching, playing with, and putting on makeup; I love sports, specifically mixed martial arts and professional basketball (watching, not participating, sadly); I also love following the latest collections of high-end designer runway wear.

When I finally collected the courage and incentive to launch LI’L GRIPES, I knew exactly what I wanted to write about. EVERYTHING. Everything I love and everything I have wanted to say for the past few years but couldn’t organize my thoughts sufficiently enough to do it. I’m throwing my passions at that bulletin board and seeing which ones actually stick i.e. resonate with you, my readers.

Every writer’s companions: a laptop, a sketchpad, and a dog

LI’L GRIPES, like all projects born out of love, is a never-ending evolution. I’m sure it will shed its skin and evolve a million, billion times before the day’s over. Just know that I do write it with you out there always in mind and welcome any and every constructive piece of criticism!

Much love,

Lil xx

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